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Ali Ocakbaşı / Oligark İstanbul (Europe Side)

Oligark İstanbul is established at Kuruçeşme Sahil(coast) nearby the see and wides around 5000m2. It is a complex actually.Inside the complex there are 5 restuarant and 2 bar.  Ali ocakbaşı is one of that 5 restaurant.

I have tried Ali Ocakbaşı restaurant with drinking rakı and enjoying delicious kebaps and appetizers. Price is accaptable comparing a restaurant nearby the Bosphorus. It was crawded even if Wednesday and need to make reservaton to find place. 3 day before reservation ı could reach only 3rd side table.If you want first side to sea I believe you should reserve at least 7 days in advance.There is a dress code.(for Ali Ocakbaşı and also fort he Oligark complex) Short,track süit, tights are not permited.

Vale Service is available infront of the complex(70 tl Agust 2022)

Very nice and great complex ı did not try remain 4 resturant and 2 bar but as ı could shortly observed very qualified and should try. I have no idea why I take such bad photos like this. Sorry, Actually I know

But for you I will type all web pages and insta pages to have much more detailed ideas.Also sure ı will share all contact details.

Oligark İstanbul Web Page:

Telephone for Oligark Complex: +90 533 195 65 12 / +90 212 265 65 12

Mail for Oligark Complex:

Adress: Oligark İstanbul

Kuruçeşme, Muallim Naci Cd. No:58, 34345 Beşiktaş/İstanbul

Instagram: oligarkistanbul


FOR ‘’ALİ OCAKBAŞI ‘’ restaurant at Oligark complex

İnstagram: Aliocakbasi

Reservation number: +905320660202

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