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Bağdat Caddesi (Anatolian Side)

During Ottoman period Padishah 4. Murat prepares ottoman armies and exit from this steet. After that they Conquer Bağdat and turn back his armies and enters İstanbul from that Street. So since ottoman time (Padishah 4. Murat) this streer is called as BAĞDAT CADDESİ. Cadde means Street in English.

Bağdat Caddesi (Bağdat Street) is almost 14 km( 9 mile) length. It is very popular Street. Much bigger than Paris Champs Elyees Street and older but smillar with so much way.

It has hounderds of coffe shops,restaurants,dressing shops, house equipment shops, furniture shops on the Street. The common point of each of them are high quality brands. This place is not known by tourists and citisens happy with that situation. It is tried to keep that place as secret from the Tourists😊 It is elite Street and over income people settle this place mostly.

I will not recoomend you any restaurant or any coffe shop presently. Because it is a long Street and not only main Street even if side streets are fine to see. Side Street places also you may try. As a long Street when you park your car or leave taxi you will walk on side roads and decide where to sit.

People interrest to walk on that Street very much even if no reason , wal turn back and than walk again😊😊

Parking to Street is ok but it must be minmum 50 mtrs to closest Bus Stop station. Side streets you may park also.

This Street photos are taken from 0800 am to 0230 am hrs. Eraly in the moorning to after midnight all time lively.

As it is a long steet and you want to g oto middle and center of it ŞAŞKINBAKKAL is the almost middle of the lively side. Any side of that position is nice.

You may say taxi driver ŞAŞKINBAKKAL MARKS & SPENCER MAĞAZASI( mağaza means shop, MARKS & SPENCER is the shop name and ŞAŞKIN BAKKAL is the one of the center of 14km length Bağdat Caddesi)