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Did you try Turkish ferry (Vapur)

At İstanbul one of the city symbol is Turkish Ferry. It is called as VAPUR. So many Turkish films, movies , mucic clips are taken at this ferries. They are one of the oldest symbol of the İstanbul province.

I will continue my paragraph mentioning it VAPUR as local name instead of Turkish ferry.

At İstanbul mostly it is used to pass Assian side to Europe side. Actually not only bridges but also this VAPUR connect Asia and Europe continents.

Tourists do not explore Vapur mostly but for Local peoples of İstanbul it is one of the biggest pleasure of the city.


As known Bosphorus is one of the most beatiful view of the world.So when you are sailing with VAPUR you will have amazing view.

At winter time indoor section of the VAPUR is very hot and you will enjoy propper heating while snowing or raining at İstanbul. In summer seasons while outside is very hot ,trying  outdoor sections of the VAPUR you will enjoy the breeze.

It is also very romantic at spring and autumn season. With your partner try both 4 season of VAPUR and you will see you will have serious increase of your love😊

Both day light sails and darkness sailings are amazing. Daylight time you will have a wide view and at darkness you will see the shining of the İstanbul.

There are some recomended acts while sailing with vapur which we collect below,

  • Feed seaguls with simit (actually when they approach you will trow to air and they will catch it)
  • Drink turkish tea (it is a combined set of Vapur travel😊
  • Take photo (sure no need to mention tag us😊
  • Watch rudder and propeller blowed water at poop deck of the Vapur.


At our good web site you may see VAPUR lines and timings with details via transportation section.

If you need to pass Anatolian side from Europe side or total opposite, try to do it via VAPUR. It is not only transportation it is enjoying the İstanbul



Another advantage in rush hours it is a good methode to escape from the heavy bridge traffics.

Even If your intention is not passing the other continent(europe to assia you may try it or you may attend tours for Bosphorus. There are 4-5 hrs tours(with lunch stop) tours of the goverment ferries departing from Üsküdar with very accaptable fees. Also if you like to have tour at Bosphorus without stop you may try 2 hrs tours departing from Üsküdar,Eminönü,Kadıköy. They are private and departure hourly with accaptable fees. Sure you may rent special yacth if you dont care budget.


If you ask me my favorite, you may remind my topic😊