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Çamlıca Tower ” Çamlıca Kulesi ”

Çamlıca Tower is, also known as Çamlıca Kulesi in Turkish, is a huge tower  located in the heart of Istanbul at Anatolia Side. It is a must-visit new consruction  tower for anyone visiting the city. The Çamlıca tower is built on the 2020 and open for visitors  May 2021. We know you wander how long is the Çamlıca Kulesi?:) Çamlıca kulesi has a length 587 meters gives avability to watch all city.  If you like to have a great view from one point including all Bosphorus and Princess Islands here you are at correct point.Here is a comprehensive guide to Çamlıca Tower, with all the essential information you need to know before visiting this awe-inspiring site.

Getting to Çamlıca Tower ; A Guide for Travelers

If you are visiting Istanbul and want to explore the fascinating Çamlıca Kulesi , you will need to know how to get there. The tower is located in the historic district of Çamlıca, which is easily accessible by public transportation, taxi, or walking.


If you ask Where is the Çamlıca Town Located ? the Answer is Üsküdar. But it is almost same distance for Kadıköy and Ataşehir towns.


If you prefer to take a taxi, it’s essential to negotiate the fare with the driver before starting your journey. It’s also important to note that traffic in Istanbul can be quite heavy, so it’s best to avoid rush hours if possible.

As it is established on Anatolian Side some points roughly travel periods and costs for taxi are as below

Kadıköy town  to Çamlıca Tower distance is 9 minute by taxi and taxi cost is around 5 usd:150 tl.

Üsküdar town  to Çamlıca Tower distance is 7 minute by taxi and taxi cost is around 4 usd:120 tl.

Ataşehir town  to Çamlıca Tower distance is 9 minute by taxi and taxi cost is around 5 usd:150 tl.

Beşiktaş town  to Çamlıca Tower distance is 18 minute by taxi and taxi cost is around 10 usd:300 tl.

Taxim town  to Çamlıca Tower distance is 18 minute by taxi and taxi cost is around 10 usd:300 tl.

if you are at Europe side our recomend is to pass anatolian side with Ferry (Vapur) with drinking Turkish tea and than take a taxi from Kadıköy or Üsküdar to have a fantastic travel period.

Remember istanbul has so much methode to gain against the traffic. The best methode is ferry, metrobus and Metro as conditions permit. But the most fantasting and the good one is ferry as sailing on bosphorus.

How to make reservation for dinner at Çamlıca tower

During the day for common snack and lunch no need for reservation I believe. Ussually you may find place.  But if you dont like to risk your table with great view  you need to book your table to book your dinner at Çamlıca tower please use below link.


You may chice your table and fix your reservation. For more information you may reach via

+90 (216) 440 40 40 (Çamlıca tover restaurant section)

Quick note: It is required to pay common tover enterence fee even you like to drink only one coffee at Restaurant section. So it is recomended to go little earlier for lunch or dinner and have a great city view of İstanbul.

What is the Entrance fee for Çamlıca Tower &Çamlıca Kulesi?

You need to pay a enterence fee to Enter Tower and to have a 360 view of İstanbul. If you like to pass restuarant section directly  still you need to pay entrance fee. Çamlıca tover enterence fee are mentioned as below. (November 2023)

Normal ticket: 180 tl (Turkish Citizens)

Discounted Ticket :70 Tl.

Fast Pass (direct Entery) :360 tl

Foreigner : 450 TL.

Foreigner Direct Pass: 800 tl.

Where I can reach a great İstanbul View?  Where is one of best Bosphorus view?


You may reach 360 degrees İstanbul View at the top of the İstanbul. It is one of the best view of Bosphorus also. For Panaromic view of the İstanbul you will reach  the 360 degrees Terace at Çamlıca tower. You will able to take amazing photos of İstanbul while you are roundint at Çamlıca Tower.

Bird Fly view of İstanbul

Inside the tover there is a cinema section. Cinema has moving Platform, Wind ans Rain affects and It is scenario of Hazerfan Çelebi fly on İstanbul. You will have additional tixket for it but You may interest it a lot.

Tips for Visiting Çamlıca Kulesi / Çamlıca Tower

To make the most out of your visit to Çamlıca Kulesi (tower), it is recommended that you:


  • Bring a camera to capture the stunning reflections and for a top view of İstanbul.
  • Rent an audio guide to learn more about the history and architecture of İstanbul.
  • Respect the cistern’s rules and regulations, which include no smoking.

Gift Shop Inside Çamlıca Tower

Contact Info

  • Küçük Çamlıca Çilehane Yolu Caddesi oyma sokak No:1  Zip:34696 Üsküdar İstanbul.
  • 0 (216) 912 34 00  (tover general information)
  • 0 (216) 440 40 40 (Restaurant section)
  • instagram : camlicakule