Portable Wi-Fi Modem

Portable wifi modem is available and if you request we can provide it for rent.

At homes sure you have unlimited wifi connection and no extra will be charged.


You may carry this portable modem with you and connect you phones to nternet at any place of Turkey when you are not at home. 5 mobile may connect same time(sure less phone faster but even if 5 phone connected same time you may use basicly internet without fail / speed already tested)


Prices are as below:

3 to 7 days rent: Daily 6 usd/Euro or Exchanged TL

7 Days to 15 Days: Daily 5 usd /Euro or Exchanged TL

15 days to 20 Days: Daily 4.5 usd/Euro or Exchanged TL

20 Days to 30 Days: Daily 4 usd /Euro or Exchanged TL

30 days to 60 Days : Daily 3.5 usd/Euro or Exchanged TL.


Please ask for modem avability for your dates, limited device is available.