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Geyikli Turkcell Platinum Park (Europe Side)

This place highly recomended o visit during your İstanbul visit. However it is hard to describe all details. So much point I would like to highlight.

İt is very close to city central Areas (behing maslak and close to Vadi İstanbul). However close to centeral places it is a natural place established 200.000m2.  Yes we are not wrong 200k m2

It is huge place rented by goverment for special purposes and activities. Trees natures and forest with a short distance of driving from İstanbul.

But sure all this place is not permited to walk. There is a basic restaurant in the place. Options are limited in the restaurant but it is calm and breezing even if hot days. And good point not Air condition it is breeze of the trees and nature. All tables are mostly under shadow of the trees.

Also there is and coffee shop section whşch has wood chairs and lounge chairs. Even if at the time of the noon most of the chairs are under shaddow( Agust) and not hot so much as outside. Almost calm. Options are limited but place is much different and interesting for a central place at a Metropol like İstanbul.

Now lets talk about why called as GEYİKLİ PARK (DEER PARK). There are 4-5 deer inside park sorrounded with wood places and able to watch if interest. For kids and even if adults it is fantastic to watch deers closely and having your launch , coffee or etc.

Sure not limited with this. Now I come to reason why they need a hıge place like 200k m2.:)

Off road tures are available. Yess in the middle of the İstanbul you will able to offroad driving. Passing water holes,climbing parkure and all. İt has a training before start. They mentioned about offroad rules, points to show attention and their wheicles how modificated with reasons. Than your educater takes you and have a round in their offshore station. After that if you believe you are fine to drive and if educator has trust on you you drive for test. Before start you sign paper to show you are aware of your responsibilities. Sure driving licence is required. It takes from start to end including basic education arround 70 minutes.Each person is almost 50 usd( with currency of september 2022). Good point if you are a couple or more person you can attend each others drive. Or even if your partner is not driving and paying he/she may attend your drive. It is different you should definatelly try it during your İstanbul visit. And no need to spend all day like Dubai desert drives

Heyy sure not finish:=) At weekends if you interest at weekends there is Arrow education. With very low fees you may have basic arrow throw education and have shuts. It is nice and fantastic believe me

Previously there were open air cinema but this year it is not in service. Hope it comes back shorty.

For kids Play garden is available. If you pay additonal cost with small fees they may try a few

Reservation:☎️ +90531 228 40 40

Address: Ayazağa, 208. Sk., 34398 Sarıyer/İstanbul

Instagram: turkcellplatinumpark