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Hidiv Kasrı (Anatolian Side)

Before Turkish Republic declerated at 1923 this pallace was constructed (1907) Imagine that it was Ottoman period😊

It was built for Egypt ottoman represent(governor) Abbas Hilmi Paşa and designed by italian architect Delfo Seminati.

Garden of the ‘Hidiv Kasrı’ is 270000m2(270k). İt is huge place.

Presently ‘Hidiv Kasrı’ is under restoration.Normally able to see inside of this building and also able to have launch or dinner inside it with very acceptable fee as it is under goverment management.

But no mind still you may visit this amazing place. At garden of this place you may have tea,coffee, some basic sweets, hamburger pizza, some types of grills, ice cream etc. Not heavy and ultra delicious Turkish foods but good to have relax time😊 İt is like o forest and Natural park Area.

Even if hot climate periods at July Agust it is calm due to long trees and very fresh wide place.

This place has very huge walking parkour which is inside trees and amazing. İt is up and down walking places but surface is smooth and nice. There is a water fall whşch you will pass fort he walking parkour. One of the most interesting side there is a waterfall inside that parkour. You may take a photos there. And you will feel mists on your face esspecially great at hot periods.

During the walking parkour you will have some stop points to have rest and watch bosphorus.

İt is recommended to go there have some food as breakfeast, lunch than have a walking (takes almost 40 minutes) than come back to coffee side at garden(it is circullar walking parkour and coffee shop& restaurant  side is at entrance) .after your walking finish at same restaurant you may stop for rest and may have ice cream of tea etc.

It is an amazing place provides you to escape from the city but also has signs of history and view of bosphorus.

Coffee shop and resturant side at garden under the goverment control and prices are very cheap.

It has a wide open car parking area with very accaptable fee.

Find a time gate to visit it😊

It is open between 0900 am to 2300 pm and there is no entrance fee. Only for your car parking you will pay an acceptable fee.


Info mail fort he place :   (kindly note beltur is manage company of goverment and they have so much place you should mention as HİDİV KASRI during your contact.


Telephone: +90 216 444 66 44 or +90 555 734 8672

Web page :

Address: : Çubuklu Mah, Hidiv Kasrı Cd. No. 1 D:1, 34805 Beykoz/İstanbul