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How to change your currency to Turkish Liras

It is the first question when you land to any Foreign Country. But for Turkey relax😊 Exchange currency is very simple , fast and without any procedure.

  1. Airport Exchange Offices
  2. Old Town Exchange offices
  3. Exchange offices at malls
  4. Banks
  5. Some of Gold and Jewellery shops

When you land to any international Airport at Turkey you will see currency offices. Their Exchange rate is not so propper but will assist you for your intials spends. İt is recomended change small quantites for taxi,food etc.

It should be considered in case if you have any problem with credit card some Turkish Liras cash at pocket will save you ıf you already changed at Airport. But personally recomend not to change high quantity at airports due to high commisions in force there.

On Central places you will see Exchange offices. Rate is writting on electronic bills. With out any procedure directly you can change your currency. Any central place you will see Exchange Office. If you ask Local people ‘EXCHANGE OFFICE’ is called ‘DÖVİZ BİROSU’ in Turkish. In Turkey currency change commissions are good.

Mostly Exchange offices close around 19:00 pm to 22:00 pm hrs. If it is small quantity no mind change it but if heavy quantity try to change between 09:00 am to 17:00 am due to lower commision. During that period your currecny

Exchange rate will be much better both fur BUY & SELL.

Also Gold and Jewellery shops change your Money.Their Rate is close to Exchange offices but Exchange Office commisions are usually better.
Most of the mall has currency Office in Turkey. Their commision is little higher than central old towns. Ussually malls close at 22:00 pm am till that time you may Exchange your Money. As reminder any central old town Office most probably will provide you better rate but sure in need proceed to change any station. I would like to remind comparing %95 of the countries Exchange comissions in Turkey are very good and almost has no comission.


Any major bank also may change your Money between period of 09:00 to 17:00 hrs. You may directly give your local Money and change it to Turkish Liras with desks at banks. But sure first you should wait your Turn taking number at counter during your bank entry. You may take number with your passport ID.

If you need to change high quantity like 200-300k, open an bank account ,put your currecny into that account and Exchange it to Turkish Liras using banks interactive pages. With that methode currency is slightly difference even if comparing same bank desk. But do not reccomend that for small changes due t serious waste of your time.

On your final leave if you remain some Turkish Liras with almost same commisions you may change to your own currency with same methodes.

Ahh one more think. If you stuck and need urgent, sometimes taxi drivers chaange small amounts. But mostly rate is worst😊