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How to Get to Adalar (Princes’ Islands) Istanbul?

A trip with ferry to Princes’ Islands one of the most interesting activities and leading things to do in Istanbul. One of the first stops of those who want to visit Istanbul is the Islands. The breathtaking views landscape of the islands offers the ideal environment for escaping Istanbul’s bustling streets while completely savouring the nature, coastline, and clean air of the islands. You will find extra information about Islands along with ferry timetables, how to get there, and the places to stay.

What are the Princes’ Islands?

The Princes’ Islands (Adalar in Turkish) are a collection of small islands located in the Sea of Marmara, approximately 20 miles south of the Bosphorus. This place consists of 9 islands totally but four of them are inhabited. Also, around 20,000 people live here. Let’s take a look at detailed description of most popular ones:


Big Island which is Büyükada in Turkish is the largest Island among them. Yücetepe which is the highest hill of Büyükada is 203 meters.


Heybeliada is famous for its green view when you confront with them. It is the second-largest Islands with its 4158 populations and 2.34 square kilometres.


Burgazada, or “Fortress Island,” is the third largest Princes’ Island, measuring 1.5 square kilometers. The highest peak is 170 meters high at Bayraktepe. There are approximately 1455 people who live here.


When you go with ferry to Princes’ Islands you can realize how densely populated. Also, It is the fourth-largest place of Princes’ Islands.

Sedef Ada

Sedef Ada translates as Mother-of-Pearl Island. It is one of the tiny Princes’ Islands, with a region of 0.157 square kilometers. On Sedef Ada, there is no habitation. To defend the environment and natural beauty of the Sedef Ada, the island has rigid zoning laws.


Yassıada is well-known for its outstanding diving and snorkelling and amateur diving opportunities. The island was changed its name Democracy and Freedom Island due to where earlier Prime Minister Adnan Menderes and his associates were placed on jury in the May 27, 1960 military dictatorship.

How to Get to the Princes’ Islands?

Travelling with ferry to Princes’ Islands has some departure points. Ferries leave from Eminönü, Kabataş,  Beşiktaş, Kadıköy, and Bostancı. The centrally located Kabataş pier is one of the greatest departure points for travellers. It carries around 75 and 90 minutes to get to Büyükada from here. They are the most affordable alternative and provide the most transit. Because this sort of ferry is public transportation, you can charge with IstanbulKart. One other choice is to ride Sea Buses, which are sail boat ferries. They are also powered by IDO and leave from Kabataş. Sea buses are quicker than public ferries, but they operate at random intervals.

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