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How to Get to Istanbul Airport? (IST)

You can find the detailed information of how to get to Istanbul Airport (IST) to city in this article. Including over 3000 years of recorded history, heritage, as well as customs, lovely historic sites, a lively nightlife, but also beautiful scenery, Istanbul is a quickly melting point of cultures not to be skipped. Istanbul New Airport is opened. With the opening of Istanbul New Airport, all flights move from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to here. The question on everyone’s minds who are worried about missing a plane, as it is quite far from the city center and the transportation can take a long time: ‘How do I get to the Istanbul new airport?’

What is the Location of the New Airport (IST), and How do I Get There?

Arnavutköy is the district in which Istanbul Airport to city is situated. On the European side of the Black Sea on the Black Sea coast. Çatalca is near Terkos Lake and the Göktürk Arnavutköy interchange. The region covers an area of 76.5 km2 and is situated between the villages of Tayakadin and Akpınar. The bird flying spacing to Istanbul Atatürk Airport is 35 kilometers.

How to Get to the Istanbul Airport (IST) in a Private Car?

Who will drive to the new airport, which has a direct link to the Northern Marmara Highway and the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge? For people who wish to travel to the 3rd Airport by car, the new airport location is as described in the following: Imrahor Mahallesi Ulubatli Hasan Caddesi No:255 34283 Arnavutkoy Istanbul. In other words, if you enter this address into your smartphone’s navigation section, it will carry you to the Istanbul new Airport as quickly as possible based on traffic and road conditions.

Istanbul Airport (IST)

New Airport Parking Options in Istanbul

The 3rd Airport, which will be one of the nation’s largest, will also have numerous parking options. The new airport has a parking space with an overall capacity of 40,000 vehicles. The Multi-Storey Car Park has a maximum capacity of 18,000 vehicles and is made up of 5 blocks, 1 with 3 floors and 4 with 7 floors. There are numerous private parking spaces in the area that will offer basic service towards the airport.

How do I take the Metro to Istanbul New Istanbul Airport (IST)?

Those who wish to take the metro to Istanbul Airport to city will have to wait a little longer. Because the airport metro remains in construction. Gayrettepe-Airport metro, which will transport passengers to the 3rd Airport, will be operational by the end of 2019. The metro, which will run directly from Gayrettepe to Istanbul New Airport, will make transportation much easier. Furthermore, the subway line between Halkalı and Istanbul New Airport, which will span 27 kilometres and include six stations, will be finished by the end of 2020. When the rail system is completed, it will be possible to travel to the third airport using only one vehicle via Marmaray.

How to Use IETT Buses to Get to the Airport (IST)?

You have two choices for getting to Istanbul Airport to city by bus. If you prefer, you can take one of the IETT bus lines or the HAVAIST airport transfers. As a result, the following are the 3rd Airport bus lines and stops:

  1. H2- Mecidiyeköy-Istanbul Havalimanı
  2. H3- Halkalı-Istanbul Havalimanı
  3. H4- Atatürk Havalimanı-Istanbul Havalimanı

TAXI transportation to Istanbul New Airport (IST)

At the start, 660 taxis are available at Istanbul Airport to city for you. This statistic will rise as the airport’s capacity expands to meet demand. The vehicles used have to be of the elegance, light commercial, or sedan variety. Furthermore, the taxi’s information panels will provide real-time information about the trip. These panels in every taxi will display information such as driver data, street route, and traffic data, among several other things.