Places to Visit

Pierlotti / Pierre Loti

Do you like to have some snack and like to have a Fantastic view? Do You like to have a tea or coffe at the top of the of the İstanbul different hill? This area is another Hill of İstanbul. İstanbul is located on 7 hills and that place will give you a opportunutiy to have time at one of this hills.

There is a huge coffee shop & restaurant at the top of the Pierre Loti hill. Some basic food like Hamburger ,pizza, gözleme , sweets tea coffee you may have here. Instead of delicious foods you should focus great view of the Area. Area looks directly to Haliç area and has a good view. This view is a different angle of a İstanbul. Prices of the place is accaptable.

How to go Pierre Loti?

If you visit place by your car you will pass narrow streets.If not experienced driver take attention during the drive. But nearby the place there are car parking places with an accaptable parking fee.

Another method to go Pierre Loti is Cable way. It is fantastik. But sure that is from shore side of Haliç. After you reached hear you may use Cableway.

Nearby the Pierre Loti cafe and nearby the Cableway you will see the clasic Turkish shops for shopings.

Adress: Eyüp Merkez,Karyağdı sk NO:20 34050 Eyüpsultan/İstanbul

Telephone : + 90 212 497 13 13