Places to Visit

Vadi İstanbul & Mall (Europe Side)

It is at Europe side close to Mecidiyeköy and Galatasaray Stadium. This area was forest a short time ago. However apartments raised and suddenly built that interest center. Good point around that place is still green with nature.

As a mall it will meet your requirements.Supermarkets to play gardens , luxerious clothing shops you will reach all needs.  Also a nice fashion Street around mall is available.

But the point I recommend to see for tourists are not only this. There are so much coffee shops, restaurants infron of the mall. Any delicious options and high quality standart places available to visit and enjoy. This coffee shops are restaurants are mostly franchised system but you will reach so much option here. Infront of the restuarants there is large sidewalk area and you will able to monitor crossing people and relax here.

Hamburger to pizza,kebap houses, snack dinnings you will reach anythink here. Indoor parking place is available and free for first 3 hours.Than over it need to pay and exit. Vale parking is also available. There is a walking park and big pool infort of the mall. Periodicly orginised water show with music will definatelly increase your attention.

Mall side is open between 10:00 am to 22:00 Pm but coffee shops and restuarants are open till midnight.


Also  ‘Turkcell Vadi’ is at that place which has Concers and live activities.It is a huge area for activities constituted on 5400m2 and able to provide for 3500 viewer closely. Modern groups and most famous groups you will able to listen here. Parties at İstanbul was for 90’s and now enjoy this great concerts and festivals.

There is a Hospital inside the complex (Liv Hospital) in need you may also consider for your Schedule.


Address: VADİ İSTANBUL Azerbaycan Caddesi No:3 C Sarıyer – İstanbul 34396

Telephone: +90 212 330 38 38