Transportation Tips

What is IstanbulKart and how to get it?

IstanbulKart is a public transportation card, which you make IstanbulKart registration from BELBİM, used for getting around in İstanbul. You can get into bus,metro and any transportation vehicle by using just single card cheaply and conveniently. Contactless and RFID technology is used while paying the public transportation fare. It is also suitable for recharge. You can find further information here about how to get and other details.

The Advantages of IstanbulKart

There are many advantages of using Istanbul card to discover new places and go wherever you want. By making IstanbulKart registration, you can travel cheaply just one card. So, here are the advantages:

1) Multiple Choice

You can get into multiple types of transportation like bus, metro, ferry, funicular and tramways just paying your transportation fee with Istanbul Kard. Since many of these modes of transportation do not accept cash payments, you can easily travel by loading IstanbulKart in advance.


IstanbulKart is a rechargeable and also prepaid. This means that you can use public transport whenever you want without having to wait in line. Besides, you do not have the risk of missing the bus or tram.

3) More Travelers

When you do IstanbulKart application, there is no need to buy extra cards because Istanbul Card allows up to 5 passengers to travel. Let the first passenger pass through from turnpike after paying his or her fare. Then you can wave the card again for the other passenger.

4) Discount

Using this card, which can easily fit in your wallet, allows you to make your trips for 50 percent less money. Instead of paying 15,4 TL, you pay 7,67 TL each time you ride. Also, if you are going to get on a different vehicle again in two hours, you will pay 5,49 TL for each transfer. You can make up to five transfer, too.

5) Simple Use

The Istanbul Kart does not need to come into contact with the reader. You can charge by ‘waving’ your smart card inside 8 cm (3.1 in) of the reader. Most of the time, you aren’t even required to take it away from your handbag, pouch, or small designer bag.

How to Get an IstanbulKart?

Purchasing an IstanbulKart, you must charge a non-refundable 25 TL payment (only for card and service) as well as a quantity of your preference to load onto the card. The Istanbul Card can be acquired from over 2,000 locations, including subway, ferry, tram, metro bus, and funicular terminals, through yellow/blue vending machines or ticket-matics, and kiosks situated close the major public bus stops.

IstanbulKart Mobile App

You can download also IstanbulKart mobile app for the IstanbulKart registration. By downloading this mobile app, you load credits online. You can find this app on App Store and Google Play by searching IstanbulKart. It is the newest app developed via Municipality.

How to Load Credit to IstanbulKart?

For loading IstanbulKart, you can go both newsagents and small shops which they offer this service. Also, you use self- service special machines at transit stations. The machines recognize notes in denominations of 5, 10, 20, and 50 TL and have directions in a variety of languages.