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What to buy as Gift from Turkey

There is great currency for cheap shopping at Turkey presently. To be honest citizens suffer due to increasing Exchange rates (turkish liras seems losing power nowadays) but if you are a tourist at Turkey it is a great opportunity.

During your İstanbul visit You will enjoy cheap holiday, cheap food ,enjoyed cheap internal transfers , cheap shopping, visit enjoyable historical places but is that enough? Sure not , come on😊

It is good oportunity to buy some gift for your friends, relatives for your home country return.

With very low budgets you will make a good favour to them. Let’s see some of them.

Turkish Delight:

If they like sweet Turkish delights are very good option. Try to give it them in 10 days. Over await more than 10 days it will become softer and will lose it’s delicious property.

It has so much different type. Pistachio,peanut,wallnut,almond types etc etc. We may count over a hundered different type of Turkish delight. Boxes depends the weight and the quality but one box varries between 50tl to 250 tl(3 usd to 14 usd) . So with only 5 usd budget you may get propper Turkish delight.  Sure you may buy with KG if you like instead of box.

Turkish coffee Glasses and may be full set:

As you know Turkish coffee is very very famous and a hard coffee like esspresso. Drink less but keep awake a long time.  But I would like to highlight turkish coffee SPECIAL GLASSES are famous as much Turkish coffee.

So high reccomend to buy a ‘’Turkish Coffee Glass Set’’. I know at own country hard to find turkish coffee but for decoration it is very nice. Also you may use it to drink hard drinks or coffees like esspresso.

Usually it is 6 glass & 6 plate set and 12 pcs sets are around 130 to 270 tl rates(7 usd to 15 usd). Believe us you will have much more thanks comaring only spent 10 usd😊

Another option is buy full set of turkish coffee.(machine+coffee+glass set for 6 glass and plate)


It is very decorative an seems very luxerious trinket. It is made by hand with bending German silver bars.When you turn to your home decorativelly it will liven up your house. It made at Erzurum province of Turkey. Hard to find at İstanbul but if you find DO NOT MISS it. Physically it is much more worth than its price. It is usually between 15 usd to 50 usd depending different sizes.

If you take it out of its plastic due to oxidation it will become black by time. You may brush with carbonat and teeth brush to make it shinning. But most of the people like it more when it become litle black with oxidation. Also some people like it keeping not remove plastic and always shining. Up to you if you can buy😊 Due to hand made very limited production.

OltuTaşı Tesbih: (oltu Stone Tasbih):

Oltu is small town at east of Turkey. There is a big Oltu mine and srone is converted different type of products. Most populer one is tasbih (subha).

If you order in advance they type your name any side of it.

Some sellers cheat sellling Russian stone which is smiller but can broke and can burn easier but if you find original oltu stone product should buy considering it is very unique. Around 30 oltu stone hand worker is available in the world(except seller commisioners ) but if you find original do not miss it.

Turkish tea & Turkish tea glasses & Teapot

Do you know 20 yers ago Turkish people was drinking much less Amerikano,filter coffee, latte, fracpachino etc etc😊 They were interesting only Turkish Coffee and Turkish Tea.


Turkish tea,teapot and classic turkish tea glass are fantastic. With all set you may buy with a symbolic fee.(1300 tl/ 70 usd) including tea which will be enough for you long period. Using this Teapot and glasses you may boil any tea and use it even if your Turkish Tea finish. Bullk tea of Turkey is very very famous and nice. Especially if you are smoker try together.)😊

If you dont want to buy all set try to buy at least glass set. 6 turkish tea glass+ 6 bottom plate is around 5 to 13 usd fee and really you will enjoy it. Sure with cargo etc fee may change but do not mind few dollar differences and own it 🙂